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Camel Research Farm, Bikaner

Camel Research FarmCamel Research Farm is one-of-its-kind center in Asia. It is a research and breeding center of camels. Located at Jorbeer in Bikaner, it is spread over an area of 2000 acres. Camel is the ship of the desert and is an extremely important component of the desert ecosystem. Life in desert is almost impossible without camels. Keeping in mind the importance of camel in the lives of the people residing in the desert the Central Government decided to initiate a project on Camel. As a result the Camel Research Farm got inaugurated on 5th July 1984 and is under the supervision of Indian Council Of Agricultural Research (ICAR).The aim of the farm is to achieve a rise in commercial viability of breeding camels, especially for the people of Rajasthan as they are highly dependent on it. The camels raised here are sold in the colorful cattle fairs of Rajasthan. Before taking them to the fair they are dressed in the best of clothes and they really look cute. Many traders from all over India flock to the fairs to strike profitable cattle deals.

Research at the Camel Research Farm entails developing infrastructure facilities for conservation and preservation of the existing breeds of camel and to develop new scientific and technical information which can be used to get desired results; basic and applied research on one humped and double humped camels. With time the center has achieved a lot. Here the camel semen is preserved and artificial insemination is done to get good breeds. Extensive research is done on the shelf life of camel milk and camel milk products.

Come and spend a day with camels and with their sweet little off springs at Camel Research Farm and know some facts about them from the researchers such as a healthy adult camel can carry a weight of 18 to 20 quintals for more than 4 hours at a stretch without any strain, an average riding camel has the capacity to ride more than 100 kilometers at 15 miles per hour in a day.

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