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Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake Ajmer

Pushkar Lake is one of the most sacred lakes in India which is held in high esteem by Hindus. It is a pilgrimage for Hindus and its creation has a story attached to it. When Lord Brahma was seeking a calm place for Vedic Yagna his search ended here when the lotus flower held in his hand itself dropped on the land of Pushkar. And water spurted out from the place where it fell. Hence Lord Brahma performed the Yagna at this place which later came to be known as Pushkar. Pushkar Lake is bordered by beautiful hills on three sides and it is a semi-circular lake.

The attractive Pushkar lake has 52 bathing ghats which are believed to be endowed with magical powers. The Naga Kund is for fertility, the Roop Trith is for beauty, the Kapil Vyapi Kund helps in curing the dangerous diseases like leprosy and the Mrikand Muni Kund gives wisdom. The waters of the Pushkar Lake are considered very sacred and believed to have the power of eradicating one's sins. These ghats get flooded with devotees in the month of Kartik Purnima (Oct/Nov) as a dip in the lake during this month is considered highly auspicious. It is said that good fortune accumulated by taking a dip in this pious lake is equivalent to performing yagnas for hundreds of years. After taking a bath the devotees pay a visit to the temple of Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, located nearby to take blessings from him. It is the only Lord Brahma temple in the world.

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