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Sand Dunes And Camel Safaris in Jaisalmer

Sand Dunes and Camel Safari, JaisalmerCamel Safaris in Jaisalmer, the golden city of Rajasthan, promise to heighten the pleasure of touring the Great Indian Desert Thar. The endless stretch of sand dunes making the crests and troughs is truly picturesque. When sun rays fall on these sand dunes, they shimmer like gold adding richness to the city. The view of the sand dunes will make you think how beautiful the natural phenomenon of the formation of these sand dunes is! How the forceful wind brings the sand together forming a hill like structure! How such amazing mirages are created on the sand dunes by the ripples! Make sure you carry several film rolls to capture the enchanting beauty of the desert.

Nothing is certain but change. This statement beautifully characterizes the persona of these sand dunes whose shades and shapes change several times in a day. Irrespective of the speed with which the wind blows, the change is evident. It seems as if the wind loves to play with these sand dunes. The sand dunes serve as the canvas for the wind and every now and then the wind keeps drawings pictures on it. When a new idea strikes the wind's mind it erases the previously drawn picture and start with a new one. Well these mesmerizing sand dunes really make you fly on the wings of your imagination.

Jaisalmer city also abounds in stunning palaces and havelis giving a glimpse of the rich heritage of Jaisalmer and the best way to explore them is through Camel safaris. Camel is called the Ship of the Desert and most of the tourists flocking to the city opt for this traditional transport vehicle to see the pristine beauty of the desert. What are you waiting for! Come with us and get adventurous!

Enjoy the camel safari either alone with your tourist guide or go ahead with a camel caravan (when travelers move in a group). The camel safari offers a great opportunity to travelers to get acquainted with the rural life of Rajasthan. Also it is an opportunity to experience the life of nomads.

The sand dunes which look rough in the day time take a whole new meaning as the day draws to a close. Now they become the stage for the colorful cultural activities bringing the desert to life. Night camps are well organized on these magical sand dunes. Eat, enjoy dance and music performances in the camp and sleep under the star-studded sky. How romantic! Best time to opt for camel safaris in Rajasthan is between October to February.

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