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Sukh Mahal

Sukh Mahal BundiBundi is a small town famous for its palaces, havelis and step wells. The establishments here are known for their impressive architecture. Sukh Mahal is one of the most beautiful Mahals in Bundi. It was once the summer palace of the erstwhile Maharajas and was highly luxurious. This fabulous palace was built by Maharaja Umed Singh during the days of his rule. It is a must-visit attraction during your Rajasthan travel. The Mahal is a fabulous example of the traditional Rajput style of architecture. The walls of the palace are richly decorated with amazing paintings.

Located on the banks of Jait Sagar, better known as Sukh Sagar, Sukh Mahal is not only stunning but airy too. The palace houses a finely manicured garden which was the perfect place for the members of the royal family to enjoy the summer evenings. The local people say that the Palace has an underground tunnel which starts from the Mahal and end in the old palace.

The notable beauty of the palace is a Chhatri (cenotaph) carved out in white marble. The celebrated writer Rudyard Kipling once visited this palace and also stayed here in the 19th century. He was greatly inspired by the beauty of the palace.

When you come to Rajasthan make sure you visit Sukh Mahal. You might also get an inspiration here!

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