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Step Wells or Baoris

Stepwells Bawadi, BundiBaoris or Step Wells - An Interesting Art Form

Bundi is a beautiful town of Rajasthan located in the Hadoti region. It is a city of great importance when it comes to unique architecture. Step wells known as Baoris entices tourists. The town is dotted with around 50 step wells which are marvelous pieces of architecture. In the past, these step wells were the only source of water for the people of the town. During the time of water crisis when the water table used to be low these steps constructed along the sides of the water well made water available. So these step wells were not only beautiful but useful too. Now the piped water system has been introduced but some of the step wells are still well maintained. The most beautiful and note worthy step wells are the Rani Ji Ki Baori, Nagar Sagar Kund and Nawal Sagar. 

The Raniji Ki Baori was built by Rani Nathavati Ji in the year 1699. It is 46 meter deep and is located in the center of the city. Even today after such a long spell of years, the step wells are no less enchanting. Most tourists traveling to see Bundi can't resist the urge to pay a visit to this beautiful art form. The baoris are beautifully decorated with exquisite carvings. Their carved pillars and ornamented archways make you wonder about the creativity of the artists who made it.

Located in the close vicinity of Rani Ji Ki Baori is the Nagar Sagar which is a pair of identical step wells built with great mastery. The Nawal Sagar is a huge artificially made lake in the form of a square. It has several small islands. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Varuna, the God of water, which is half immersed into the lake.

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